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Teeth Care Guide in Gainesville

Your Guide for At-Home Dental Care

Healthy Teeth Start at Home

Even attending your routine cleanings every 6 months won’t maintain your oral health if you’re not caring for your teeth at home.

To help you achieve optimal oral health at home, we have prepared the GoSmiles Guide for At-Home Dental Care. This comprehensive guide is designed to assist you and your family in maintaining a healthy and radiant smile throughout your lives!

The GoSmiles Dentistry Guide to Dental Care & Oral Health at Home

Prioritizing at-home dental and oral health care serves as the primary line of defense against dental problems

The Three Basic Steps

The simplest rules for maintaining good oral health are these 3 home dental care actions:

  1. Brush your teeth twice per day, for at least 2 minutes each time.

  2. Floss between your teeth at least once per day.

  3. Visit your dentist every 6 months.

We encourage you to continue reading our GoSmiles Dentistry guide. It provides valuable tips to maximize the benefits of your efforts in maintaining optimal oral health.

Brushing Your Teeth

Lifestyle Tips for Better Oral Health

Let’s Talk About Your Teeth

If you have any questions about the tips in this guide, or about what to purchase to support your dental and oral health, please call us or contact us online. The more we do together for your daily self-care, the less we have to do when you’re in the chair.

GoSmiles Dentistry is driven by skilled professionals who love what they do every day. We’re ready to help your family smile!

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