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Wisdom Tooth Removal & Extractions

GoSmiles is your go-to dentistry for wisdom tooth removal and other extractions in Gainesville.

An extraction is necessary when decay or a fracture line has compromised the tooth, preventing restoration through a crown or fillings. In such cases, the recommended treatment is to extract the tooth, remove any associated infection, and bone graft the site in preparation for a future implant.

When decay or injury penetrates a tooth down to the internal structure, bacteria can begin to fester. This could be a cause of infection and swelling, leading to a toothache. This pain can quickly go from aching to excruciating. If the problem cannot be solved by a root canal, a tooth extraction can provide much needed relief!

Benefits of Tooth Extractions in Gainesville

Stop the Pain

Removing an infected or damaged tooth results in improved comfort.

Protect Your Oral Health

Decaying and damaged teeth can lead to many other oral health problems and extractions prevent them.

Makes Room

Wisdom teeth extractions in Gainesville can make room in the mouth and help alleviate crowded or impacted teeth.

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What to Expect

Before performing an extraction in Gainesville, a highly qualified GoSmiles dentist will examine the issue and help you determine the best course of action for your oral health.

Extractions are extremely common and begin working immediately to reduce and eliminate the pain of the damaged or decaying tooth. An extraction requires anesthetic—and different sedation options are available if needed to ensure your maximum comfort.

There may be some residual aching afterwards, but this should subside. Otherwise, an extraction should eliminate the pain almost immediately.

Please note, you may require a second visit to remove stitches and ensure proper healing is in progress.

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