Dentures in Gainesville

Support and Restore Your Smile

Dentures are oral appliances designed to replace missing teeth that are custom-fit to your jaw.

Not only do missing teeth make it hard to eat and speak, they can also lead to ongoing oral health issues like bone loss and gum disease. If you’re missing several or most of your teeth, dentures can provide effective replacements to restore function and appearance.

At GoSmiles, we provide expert care and maximum comfort for our patients who need dentures in Gainesville. Whether you need full or partial dentures, you can trust us to create a natural-looking and feeling denture set that will leave you smiling confidently again.

Deep Relief For Tooth Pain

When decay or injury penetrates a tooth down to the internal structure, bacteria can begin to fester. This could be a cause of infection and swelling leading to a toothache.

The pain can quickly go from aching to excruciating. Root canals in Gainesville, or a tooth extraction, provide much needed relief.

dentist talking about dental implants in Gainesville during his consultation with a patient who wants to restore their teeth.

What to Expect

The process for creating dentures involves several steps to ensure proper fit and function. You can trust that we will make this process as efficient as possible.

Before we start crafting your dentures, we’ll do a full examination of your mouth to determine if you’ll need full or partial dentures. In some cases, this may include tooth extractions if necessary.

The first step to creating dentures is taking dental impressions that include your gums and any remaining teeth. Then we create a dental model of your mouth and use that to create your custom dentures.

After your dentures are created, we’ll have you into the office for a fitting and any necessary adjustments. It may take a few office visits to ensure your dentures have the best fit.

Dentist showing a patient how Invisalign in Gainesville work and look.

Benefits of Dentures in Gainesville

Improved Function

Replacing missing teeth improves speaking and chewing function.

Enhanced Appearance

Restore your confidence and be proud of your smile.

Improve Oral Health

Dentures prevent bone loss and other oral health concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A Healthy Smile Starts Here

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