Dental crowns in Gainesville

Smile-Saving Solutions

Our dentists’ top priority is to preserve your natural teeth! Being proactive about preserving the natural tooth often prevents the need for implants.

At GoSmiles, our restorative services includes the repair of damaged teeth through crowns, bridges, veneers, and implants when needed. Damaged teeth are often the result of decay or trauma.

Our top priority to is preserve your natural teeth and provide relief from the pain of damaged and missing teeth with restorative options like dentals crowns and bridges. We use dental crowns in Gainesville to stop the ache associated with decaying teeth and restore the look and function of your teeth.

How Dental Crowns Work

A dental crown is a prosthetic appliance that is custom-crafted to fit and encapsulate a damaged tooth. While many types of damage, like decay, cracks, and fractures, can be fixed with a filling, larger areas of decay or trauma that reach the tooth’s interior will require a crown.

Our dental crowns in Gainesville are incredibly durable and made from stain-resistant porcelain that closely mimics the tone and texture of a natural tooth. For major damage, or to establish the multi-tooth support system for a bridge, crowns can replace the tooth’s original structure.

A dental bridge is an appliance used to replace one or more missing teeth in a sequence. Bridges are composed of three or more dental crowns that have been fused together to “bridge” the gap between your natural teeth.

What to Expect

A damaged tooth can hurt, from chewing pressure to temperature variations. Your crown stops the ouch and prevents further damage!

You should call as soon as you feel discomfort. Usually, when damage/decay is found in the early stages, more options are available to preserve the tooth.

After an exam by your GoSmiles dentist, we’ll make suggestions based on your oral health needs, goals, and budget.

If a crown is suggested, this will require at least 2 visits. In the first visit, the damaged area will be repaired, molds/images will be taken, and a temporary crown will be placed. At the second visit, your permanent crown will be placed, and your doctor will make sure the color and shape matches your natural tooth!

Additional Restorative Solutions


In some cases, our doctors may suggest a type of crown called a “bridge.” A bridge is a series of crowns connected together to give the appearance of natural teeth where they are missing.

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Custom veneers can conceal cracks, chips, and other cosmetic imperfections to brighten your smile.

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Dental implants replace missing or weakened teeth to maintain function and appearance while protecting the jawbone.

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