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Damaged teeth hurt. GoSmiles offers relief from tooth pain with fillings in Gainesville.

A filling can be a quick yet effective solution for minor damage caused by cavities or injury. During a filling, we clean the area and then fill it with single or combination materials to restore the tooth’s natural shape. The materials are filed down to ensure your bite is unaffected.

Fillings are permanent and designed to allow for normal function of your tooth after the filling is placed. After a quick appointment, you’ll leave our office pain-free.

A Restorative Solution to Save Your Tooth

Tooth damage spells trouble for your dental health. Maybe there’s a crack or fracture from years of use, or there was a rock-hard surprise in that snack mix. Maybe a tooth broke because of a sports accident or untreated decay.

At GoSmiles, our premier restorative dentistry treatments repair damaged teeth to restore your smile and relieve pain. For major decay or trauma, a crown may be required after the removal and reconstruction of affected areas.

We will tailor your treatment to your specific needs to ensure that you’ll be smiling confidently again in no time.

What to Expect

After an exam by your GoSmiles dentist, we will make suggestions that best suit your situation, oral health goals, and budget.

If a filling is the best choice, it can be done in one visit—often we can provide same-day dental treatment!

First, we’ll provide a local anesthetic and allow it to numb the area around the tooth being worked on. If you’re having a cavity filled, we’ll clean out the decay from the tooth and clean the area. Then, your dentist will place the filling material and polish and shape it to match your normal bite. You may need multiple fillings in Gainesville to restore and protect several teeth.

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