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Comprehensive Dental Care

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General Dentistry. For overall oral care.

Deep Cleaning. More power to get healthy.

Dental Implants. Permanent replacement of teeth.

Dentures. Partial or full replacement, including implants.

Digital X-Rays. Safer, faster, and easier for you.

Endodontics. Repair the inside of your teeth.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation. For planning multiple procedures.

Invisalign. Invisible teeth straightening system.

Fillings and Bondings. Protect/replace teeth.

Oral Cancer Screening. Ensuring your overall health.

Periodontics. Improving overall gum health.

Bone Grafting. Prepare the mouth for further restorative procedures.

Prosthodontics. Replacing missing/deficient teeth & tissues.

Root Canals. Take away the pain permanently.

Scaling & Root Planing. Helping fight gum disease.

Sealants. Keeping bacteria out of cracks & crevices.

Sedation Dentistry. Ensures your comfort.

Teeth Whitening. Make your smile brighter.

Veneers. Improves smile shape & color.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions. Both simple and complex.

And more. Tell us about your situation. We can help!

Advanced Techniques and Technology

Our technological advancements and abilities are only one of the many qualities that set us apart from the competition!

Excellent Services That Make You Smile

Your Gainesville dentist should make you smile when you come in, and help you feel confident in your smile wherever you go!

GoSmiles provides dental services that are the most precise, gentle, fast, and efficient available today. Our methods allow us to gather a better understanding of your smile health for meticulous diagnosis accuracy and outstanding treatment results.

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